In the spirit of adventure…

I’ve finally decided to give WordPress a try. Here’s what’s on the menu.

  • Mundane Mondays: An appreciative look or nod to the little things.
  • Tuesday Muse Days: Stuff that inspires me.
  • “What if…” Wednesdays: Explorations of the hypothetical variety
  • Photogra-Thursdays: Obligatory photos from an amateur photographer
  • TGIF (That God it failed) Fridays: On the benefits of failure throughout history and my personal life
  • Sadderdays: Because I, too, can be emo.
  • Some Day Sundays: Hopes and predictions

Now, seeing as today is Tuesday, I’ll take a few minutes to share something that inspired me today. I found this on Colossal.

As impressive as the video itself is, what really gripped my heart and imagination were the efforts made to produce this work of art and the strong showing of support and sincere appreciation in the comment section of the video. Stuff like this gives me real hope for humanity and makes me excited to be alive and part of it all.


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