Past work

CBC Documentary Series — Director  

Directed international crew and talent for this 6-episode documentary series produced by CBC TV (currently in post production). 

Netflix documentary — Assistant to local Producer  

Provided support to the local producer/fixer during both pre-production and principle photography in the way of location scouts, location management, interpreting for foreign crew, call sheets, and general logistics.  

TELE2 Ad Campaign — 1stAD

Performed 1stAD duties on a series of branded films for a Swedish commercial project. 

Discovery+ Documentary — Asst. Producer/Camera operator

Coordinated and filmed interviews with relevant experts in various regions of Japan for this feature length documentary for Discovery Plus. 

CBBC Documentary series — Asst. Producer/Interpreter

Provided on-location coordination and simultaneous interpretation for a UK production team shooting in various locations within Gifu, Japan over the course of one week.

Honda Racing, Suzuka 8hr — Asst. Producer/Sound/AC

Spent a week following the HRC racing team behind the scenes, into the pit lane, and around the track as they prepared for and completed the Suzuka 8 hour endurance race. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries PV — Fixer/Asst. Producer

Coordinated local crew, shooting locations, talent, gear, carnet, travel, hotels, and food for a US production team shooting in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan over the course of two weeks.

Lexus Branded Content Series — Fixer/Line Producer

Coordinated local crew and gear, as well as acted as interpreter for US production team shooting in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan over the course of two weeks.

Fuji Xerox — AC

Acted as camera assistant on a shoot that took place in both Nagoya, Japan and Seoul, Korea. 

Branded Content for Ogilvy — Fixer

Coordinated local crew and arranged interviews with high profile professionals in the medical field.

Adidas Branded Content — Producer & AC

Assisted in content development and took the lead on production planning, casting, and scheduling. Also acted as AC and operated Ronin for this series of videos created for a massive scale international event. 

YouTube Mini Series “Good Grubs” — Director, Camera op, Editor

A series focused on local cuisine, targeting inbound tourists.   

Feature Film “Bashira” — Fixer & PA

Coordinated local crew, attended location scouts, and assisted with wardrobe, 2nd unit camera department, lighting, and various other aspects of production. 

Mindfield: Season 3, Ep 3 — Fixer/PA

Coordinated local crew, gear, carnet, travel, hotels, and food for a US production team shooting at prestigious research centers in Inuyama and Kyoto over the course of one week.

Harper’s Bazaar China, Louis Vuitton — Production Manager

Managed location, talent, production crew, and costumes on a fashion photography shoot in Kyoto, Japan. 

Toyota Tsusho Corporate PV — Assistant Producer & AC

Helped plan and coordinate from concept through delivery on a series of promotional videos, filming in Japan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and the US.

Honda Racing, Championship Race — Camera Operator

Followed Super GT champion, Jenson Button, behind the scenes to document the championship race in Motegi, Japan. 

Toyota Rav4 PV — Assistant Director

Helped plan and coordinate production from conception through delivery. 

Legoland Japan — Various production roles

Managed localization of almost all in-park audio/visual content, managed maintenance of Ninjago puppets and props, managed various installations and repairs of park assets.

Brother Corporate PV — Assistant Producer

Helped plan and coordinate from pre production through delivery on a series of promotional videos.

Netflix’s “Hyper Drive” — Assistant Producer & Interpreter

Coordinated rental gear and local crew, interpreted on location.

Netflix’s “Giri Haji” Season Finale — 2nd AC

Slated shots, took camera notes, helped set up and maintain monitors

NUCB PV Series — 2nd Camera/Ronin Operator

Operated camera and Ronin M for multiple promotional videos.

NUAS Branded Content Series — Assistant Director

Assisted with concept development, production scheduling, casting, location management, as well as other aspects and stages of production.

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