A new habit: Talking to Myself

I tried something new and uncomfortable today, and I got so much out of it that I’ve decided to make it a habit for at least the next thirty days.

I’ve long known the benefits of meditation, and for years I’ve told myself that I would start doing it on a daily basis, but for some reason it’s just one of those habits that I haven’t been able to solidly form. Today, however, as I was just about to put on some background music/sounds to meditate to, an idea came out of nowhere. I closed my music player, opened the voice memo app on my phone, and hit “record” instead.

When I meditate, I usually keep a pen and some paper nearby, because what I refer to as meditation is really more of a time of reflection and brainstorming. This time I decided to forego the paper and pen and just speak things that came to my mind. I spent the next fifteen minutes thinking out loud and got it all on record. While I hate hearing my voice, I felt like this was a really good exercise clearing my mind of distractions, seeing where I am and where I want to go, appreciation, and getting to know and be more comfortable with myself. It was also much easier than sitting still and silent, which is what makes me think that I might actually be able to stick to it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this thirty day challenge, and I’d be interested in hearing how it goes for anyone else who is willing to give it a try.


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