Learning how to give

With FanfareIt’s not unusual for men to be minimally involved in wedding planning, but I imagine it’s pretty rare that a woman has to plan one almost completely by herself while her husband-to-be is living overseas and won’t be back until just days before the wedding. That’s what my wife did, though, and at a very difficult time in her life, I might add. No wedding planner. Minimal, if any, financial assistance from anyone. She used all of her own hard-earned money for the wedding. She didn’t even have an engagement ring on her finger or a romantic proposal story to show for any of this. Basically, she worked her ass off and asked for (and received) very little in return. Then she spent the following seven years working just as hard, staying by my side through countless challenges.

Effort is one of the greatest gifts. Her reaction to my  incredibly unimpressive anniversary gift today really helped me to understand that. It seems obvious, but it’s just sinking in for me now.


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