C1, C2, C3


Today I spent a little while looking up tips on camera settings and functions for my specific camera, the Canon 7D. One handy thing I finally figured out, thanks to this blog, is how to save custom settings (up to 3 sets). It will be nice to have the specific settings I need for different environments so I don’t have to do so much adjustment on the fly. There are different feels I go for at times, too. I could set these three custom sets to cater to the different moods I generally go for. I like that idea as well.

It’s fun to do some technical fiddling and fumbling around every once in a while. I think I’ll try to look at more artistic tips and tricks next week, though.

Today’s photo, a favorite of mine, is also from several months ago. It’s been a busy week, but just one more until a nice little summer vacation. I’ll stock up on new photos then.


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