Sifting through videos and short films on Vimeo today, I came across two that were about babies. One was a collection of one second clips collected every day for a year and edited together. the other was just a beautiful selection of shots of a baby boy and the house/environment that he’s growing up in. I hate to be that guy who never stops talking about babies, but I had kind of a lame epiphany today. I say lame, because it’s one of those things that you’ve always heard people say and always assumed you understood…until one day (today, for me) you realize, “oh..! now I understand.”

Today’s epiphany: The innocence, simpleness, and purity of babies is inspiring. To think that we begin our lives as such beautiful, vulnerable, trusting, curious, honest little creatures gives me hope. I know that we can never go back to being something we used to be, nor do I necessarily think that we should if we could, but it gives me hope to think that such qualities ever existed in every single human being.

There are times when I lose patience with people and have to remind myself that they are someone’s son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, father, etc. in order to step back and reevaluate my impulse judgments. Thinking of people as they were in their first months of life is something else I can add to that list to help me understand and appreciate people better.

The next time I find myself wanting to swear at someone, I’ll try to imagine them like this.


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